More SMS ads coming your way?

Advertisers have been casting lustful looks at your cell phone for a long time, and now it looks like cell carriers are ready to hand over your mobile and start sending ads to it via SMS (as well as video).

News reports say that AT&T Wireless will start selling ads on cell phones in the coming year.

According to an analyst, who is clearly on the side of the carriers more than the users, mobile advertising via text messaging and other media is "perfectly appropriate now." His firm reports that nearly 14 percent of U.S. mobile users, or 27.5 million people, said they received as many five ads on their cell phones between September and November 2006.

Have you ever received an ad via SMS text message? Did you think that it was "perfectly appropriate"?

AT&T Joins Big Carriers in Wireless Ad Promise

Sms messages are not free...highly doubt this will happen...
I wouldn't be so sure. I've received a few advertisements from my carrier, Cingular, usually with a note indicating that they're not charging me the usual fee to receive the SMS. It would be easy enough for other carriers to do the same, in order to forestall customer outrage.
Everywhere we look, more and more spam.

I have received a few SMS ads via Cincinnati Bell. Annoying and certainly not appropriate unless it has something directly to do with my wireless service or account.

Any company that sends me an unsolicited ad via SMS will be added to my personal blacklist.
I have recieved about five ads by text on my Nextel phone. These were all unsolicited and caused me to stop work to check it. I think this should be stopped. I don't pay for this phone service so that people or companies can use it to try and sell me something!!!
I don't think it is a big deal. I have had at&t or cingular service for years and they have done a fantastic job being the best in class service hands down. We here rumors all the time and there may be a small bit of truth to them but people jump to their pictured opinions and freak out all the time.
As was said earlier, messages are not free, either to send or receive. I'll be extremely unhappy if I start receiving worthless advertising and am charged to receive it too. It might even be grounds for canceling the service.
I knew I did not like AT&T. The day I start getting ads is the day I cancel with them.

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