Virgin Mobile SMS

If you've got a cell phone from Virgin Mobile, here's what you need to know about using SMS text messaging with your mobile.

Last updated 7/2/2008

Why is the word "T-Mobile" included on the line above regarding 'more' Virgin Mobile information?

>> For more information: T-Mobile Text Messaging: Virgin Mobile <<

[BTW, the time shown on posting is approx. 5 minutes fast.]
Bruce, thanks for the pointer -- I had a typo in the info above. I've fixed it!
How do you send pictures to a virgin mobile phone? (e.g. Slider Sonic)
To answer my own question. You send pictures to your Virgin mobile phone by using your pictures email address your 10 digit phone number followed by (e.g. this helps everyone!
how do you send ringtones to your virgin mobile
how do you open attachments when you send via e-mail
how do you send pix from the phone to email?
I tried to send a pic to my virgin mobile using the twice and it came over as a blue screen, did I do something wrong??
Hey, friend,
the flowers are
all gone,
and the sunshine
is hiding in
the wintery sky,
so I wanted to
send you a
warm hug and
some sunshine
to let you know
you're in my
thoughts today.
I'll do my best
to send you
the warmth of summer
when winter winds
come your way and thios my phon number 0233275997787
in my opinion virgin mobile is the best prepaid option out there. I have tried Net 10 but is very basic in my area. Does anyone know how to blog picture and comment from your mobile phone with sms. i can send info to my blog but it does not upload the picture
Nice offer from vergin mobile but TATA indicom was offers 1000 SMS free in Rs. 30 now i think they increase rate.
hi da
how are you ??..
2moro u've leave da..
reply must
hi erumai
Question - Can we SMS contacts list? I'd like to save my contacts and later load them to another phone. Can I send an SMS message that enters a contact into the phone ?
i have been trying to send a picture from my pc to my cell and i finnally did it :) thank you for posting this information :)

i tried that .. it didnt work for me...

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