Verizon SMS

Here's the lowdown on how to use SMS with a Verizon phone.

Last updated 7/2/2008

cost to whom? sender? recipient? sender on Verizon? recipient on Verizon?
Anonymous -- This is what it costs a Verizon subscriber to send or receive an SMS message. I'll update the copy to make sure that's clear!
Is there a way to block messages from a specific number or source (I'm getting some kind of "spam" message I'd like to stop)
Anonymous, Verizon does let you block SMS messages from specific sources, or even block all messages that come from the web.

Go to and go to the "My TXT" menu and click on "TXT Blocking". You'll have to sign in with your mobile number and password. From there you should be able to set up the spam filters you need.
it says my sms network is busy when i try to get onto mobile im. and then it says to wait a few seconds but i can never get on. it has been busy for at least a week. how do i prevent it from being busy.
hey, my name is dylan too! awesome. well this site really helped. thanks
I set up blocking on a specific number with the sprint network and the person still isn't blocked. I blocked her with exactly the way her message came in:
What am I doing wrong? Do I need to do something with my phone?
I have a chocolate Lg and I tried to send a pic to my phone and it dosnt show
Pics are sent with a different protocol! SMS is for text only.
Plus, it is vTEXT...

Thanks for the pricing info and URL.
how do i send mp3s to my verizon phone
How much is international SMS, meaning how much is it to send SMS from the US to Europe with Verizon or any other carrier?
what about picture messages. is it i can send pics to virgin mobile, using but not to verizon phone.
For verizon, it's: 10 digit

That's the address I got when my friend sent me a pix
My daughter and son in law both have Verizon and I use an MSN E mail address. He can send picturess to my E mail address, but my daughter cannnot.

Can you tell me what the problem may be?
How do you send a pic to a verizon phone from e mail yes but it wont go as an attchment. pic need to be in txt box of e mail how do u put a pic in txt box of an e mail to send to a phone
i tryed everything possible to send pics via email to a verizon phone #@vtext
the only thing i found that works is to go to;jsessionid=aNrzjimk5bc9?sortField=-creationDate&category=Stuff+to+Send%2CE-Cards ive tried everything else if there is another way that some1 has actually tried themselves that works please post it the other way is a major pain ty
DO they support SMPP?
During a true emergency this was a perfect answer to the dilema! Thank you so much! You were my angel today Dylan
wat if you have unlimited texting does it still charge you???
I am having trouble receiving picture messages from other services. Is there anything I can do? I have the Samsung Gleam
I think that I’m going crazy I’m trying to send a picture from my email address to a version cell phone and so far I’m not having too much luck, can someone help me?
You must use [ten-digit #] to send pictures and video.

how do i get the picture that i sent?
adult diapers
In the December 2008 issue of Family Circle it stated that you could send free texts (for those of us who do not have texting plans). How do you do this? Thank you
if you have unlimited txting does it still cost?
How would i send a song to a Verizon phone? everytime i try i get a failure notice from
*How Do You Send Pics From Your Phone To Your Desktop Pictures? It'd Be Awesome If You Replied. Thnx.
If u want to send pic messages from verizon u just have to type this:

(Phone Number)

thats it.
PER THE VERIZON WEBSITE is a companion website that is included with every activation of Text Messaging service (at no additional charge).
This site expands your Text Messaging service by offering a growing variety of messaging features.
Is there a way to save all my in coming and out going texts to an accessible file? Maybe in my verizon? Or have duplictae copies sent to an email account?

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