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Got a Sprint PCS cell phone? Here's what you need to know about using SMS text messaging with your mobile.

Sprint doesn't publish its text-messaging (SMS) costs anywhere on its website. However, we've verified the prices here by checking with Sprint customer service.

Last updated 7/2/2008

I was just on the sprintpcs website. Text messaging is $5 for 300 messages, $10 for 1000 and still $15 for unlimited
effective October 1, 2006, Spring casual messaging will be charged at the rate of $0.15 per message sent or received.
how munch does it cost to text some1 within da network???
The cost within the network is the same: 15 cents for every message you send, regardless of where you're sending it.
Is the $5/300 or $10/1000 does that include incoming?
like do you get 300 incoming too? or is it combined?
As of today (at least), "a-la-carte" messages cost 20ยข to send or receive. There is a 300 message plan for $5.00/month, 1000 message plan for $10.00/month, and an unlimited plan for $15.00/month.

Looks like prices are going up!
is the $15 per month per phone? or per plan?
What shows up on the bill of the Sprint PCS customer? Does anyone know? I want to send a text to an individual from my e-mail to them, but I don't want my e-mail address to show up on the bill, is that possible? Or what shows up on the bill on their end.
Typically what shows up is just a number count of how many messages were sent or received. Mine doesn't ever show any identifying information like it does for phone calls.
so it costs the individual receiving the email as a text msg money??

say you have unlimited text msging as part of your plan

if someone send them an email in the form of a text msg (i.e. sends an email to 2025551212@messaging.sprinpcs.com) is that going to cost them per message?

in other words, does "unlimited text messaging" apply to emails converted into text messages as well??
I was recently informed by a Sprint user that they are not charged for an incoming message if they delete it before opening it. Could this be true? I thought sms was not necessarily read-flag aware.
ok im use this ring tone web site before and now it ask me about what the carrier SMS Address is. i have no idea what this mean any help?

Thanks Steve
How much is Sprint International SMS per SMS?

It cost the same to sent and receive?

Do they have an International SMS plan like 300 for $5?

Sprint CSR is horrible!
so i'm confused. if someone sends you a text message and you don't have a plan does that cost anything? and if you get one of the $5 for 300 plans if someone sends you a message, does that count as one of the 300 texts?
I heard that sprint is getting bought out by verizon.

Sprint has some pretty good SMS features - except for their email2sms (xxxxxxxxxx@messaging.sprintpcs.com).

When it works, it seems to take 10+ minutes for the message to arrive to my phone - and that's when it works. I'd say that 85% of the time lately, I don't get the message at all.

I'm pretty certain it's Sprint having the problem too because this happens no matter what email account I send from...
So if I want to send an SMS to someone in Mexico using the cellular providers email...will i get charge only for DOMESTIC TXT? I have unlimited txting with Sprint. So does that mean i won't get charged the .20 cent fee per message?
There seems to be a problem with the Sprint email to SMS gateway. I can send/receive SMS messages to/from phones, but all email messages sent from my organization to ##########@messsaging.sprintpcs.com are stuck in my email server's outbound queue. Messages to T-mobile phones and Verizon phones is working normally.

I called Sprint's "technical" support, but the wrecknicians are only barely familiar with the phones, and not how the underlying technology actually works. After trying (as usual) to point the finger of blame towards my Microsoft Exchange server, the Sprint representative let me know that Sprint is apparently retireing their email servers. It looks like messaging.sprintpcs.com is down, and according to Sprint, for good. I have not heard of this until now; I am awaiting a call back to find out what Sprint intends to provide in lieu of that server. In the mean time - I am sending all my email messages to PM.SPRINT.COM and they get through to my phone, although I have to download the messages once I am alerted.
I have the same issue as the user posted on 7:55 AM, October 28, 2008.

If they are gonna retire that service, they should also pull all the instructions on the website. The links for those things are still there. Shame on you, Sprint.
Okay, so say you get a text but it's from a friend who emailed it to you. Do you get charged for replying even if you have unlimited texting?
I can't stand Sprint. Their rates are to high and all of my friends complain about their service. T-Mobile on the other hand has been great to me. I have also heard great things about AT&T.
if i have a lg rumor, with 500 free text message, and i'm from california. if i texted a friend in texas do i have to pay?

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