Easier addresses with Teleflip.

Want to send a short message to a friend's phone, but don't know what carrier they're on? Or maybe you just don't want to bother looking up their phone's email address. No problem: There's a handy service called TeleFlip that lets you send short email messages to anyone's phone -- and all you need to know is their phone number.

Here's how it works:

Open any email program or webmail site. In the To: field, put your friend's phone number (don't use any parentheses around the area code), followed by @teleflip.com. For instance, if your friend's number was 415-555-1212, you'd just enter: 415-555-1212@teleflip.com

In the body of the message, type a short message, up to 160 characters. You can put something in the subject line too, but it will count towards that 160-character limit.

Hit Send. Your message will go to TeleFlip, and TeleFlip will convert it into a text message and deliver it to your friend's phone via SMS. That's all there is to it!

TeleFlip is free to use, without registration, for up to 100 messages per month. If you want to send more than that, you'll have to sign up for one of their subscription services, which start at $5 per month. It should work with any SMS-enabled phones in the U.S. and Canada.

Hey, teleflip is EXACTLY what I need for System Admin alerts when a server takes a dive. Thanks!
Linux Server Admin
Santa Barbara, CA
This is Great!! I can send SMS without mobile handset!!
This is Great!! I can send SMS without mobile handset!!

Ashok Dhakan
Ahmedabad, India
.....Great info, works just like described
can you find out how sends you sms if they us your teleflip
Another good website for free sms in the US and Canada is www.sendsmsnow.com
Just tried this a few days ago. The text msg took 2 hours to be delivered and another I tried wasn't delivered at all. So use at your own risk...
I found an even cooler site called http://www.enotifyme.com it allows me to convert my email to voice and listen to it on even a landline phone and I can reply by voice back to the originating sender. They also allow 'cascading' so I can selectively have emails reach me at home, then on my cell text message, then at the office and so on - kind of the ICQ version of what teleflip's 1 trick pony approach.
I found sending a message to an original Cingular customer, their reply was from: number@txt.att.net

I use Verizon, I noticed they have a minimal web interface which allows you to create another email address with the nickname of your choosing.


I have a question. Which is what brought me to this site initially:
Is there a good way to forward all texts to one's email address as a backup? Right now if I try manually some text is omitted and it's too much of a hassle doing it manually.
Thanks to the person who knows how to set that up!
Thanks for the site info!! A little info for Moto Q users..This won't work through your Outlooks e-mail. You have to go through your e-mail provider i.e. hotmail or whatever address you synced with your phone.
Is it possible to send an SMS message via an email to an Indonesion mobile phone number?
Is it possible to send SMS to China (e.g. China Mobile)?
whats unitel(from angola) e-mails address to send text msg free ?

244924614435 (example)
Have anyone heard of cricket wireless? Well, it's a new unlimited cell phone company in Texas. I am tryig to send my pictures from the internet to my cricket cell phone but i dont know if it will go through.
how do you send a picture from your computer to your phone from wireless
cool! although I am a little concerned about all these services (including teleflip) spamming or selling the phone numbers that I send to.

anyone know about that?
I sent one message and it repeated itself 5 times within 1 minute. Drove the receiving party crazy.
I sent one message and it repeated itself 5 times within 1 minute. Drove the receiving party crazy.
Does any one knows the address for Mexican Carries.
Oh yeah, it takes YEARS for the message to deliver... Anyways, there are better free sms web pages! You can find one at cobain.com! :) It's the easiest ever but it will be sending u many copies after the original! :S
does telelip work in countries other than US and CA too and how does one find the address for a carrier not on the list on this site ... say for a carrier in india?
mine are coming in as MMS messages not SMS. I've used the carrier address and teleflip and both come as MMS messages. doesn't that defeat the purpose of it being a simple thing that almost everyone can recieve? T-Mobile is my carrier by the way.
hey is this only to STATES or to any other countries as well??
Do you know a site where you can do this kind of thind for mexico as well?
My name is Stephen from Trinidad and Tobago does work in Trinidad? I have a mobile samsung phone with company service provider Digicel. my number is 8683590282.

for cricket use http://www.mycricket.com/sendtextmessage/
can someone help me?
i need to know EXACTLY what i need to type to send an email/text to an O2 phone. I've been trying to figure it out for days.

a reply to my e-mail would be great! fondant_freak08@yahoo.com
The first one went thru great but the 2nd was was sent back saying too many in the same hour. I guess you can't get carried away. :)
I realized today that the, too many in the same hour problem, was with the Sprint server, not with teleflip.
I use Jott and love it.
i use a site called www.ddnmobile.com, they have all kinds of cool featured on there and one of them is for sending sms to any cell phone. all i have to do is put in the number and the person can either reply to my phone or back to me on the web site. doesnt seem to take very long to get the messages either. hope this helps!
Is it easy to send sms in Rwanda using e-mail to phone
Your blog is interesting!,Keep up the good work!
idk if this works or not, its taking a lot of time, unlike regular texting...
The Teleflip service no longer works. Read this:

Another useful link to send free sms to usa

Teleflip has closed.
You people are %$*^$* idiots. The easiest way to figure out your cell phones email address is to send a text to a working regular email account!!! How is this difficult to understand?
No kidding genius - but unlike you, most people want to send email to somebody other than themselves. So, unless you ask every person you meet what wireless provider he or she uses, it's a bit of a problem.

How hard is that to understand?
The guy who suggested texting to an email address is very clever.. I did just that from my phone and got the correct address from the "reply" field.

If you try that from your phone you might have luck!
The point here isn't trying to figure out your OWN provider. LOL. "email your self and figure it out", ff@@king retards. The
Point is to figure SOMEONE else provider. if you have to email yourself to figure out your own service provider, your brain isn't functioning well.
lol wow you're right, there are some serious tards here.

does anyone know of a new service like teleflip, that allows you to send free sms to a phone you don't know the carrier for?
To those people mentioning that the message sends multiple times, this happens typically when your phone sends a message and the relay tower receives it but the verification doesn't get back to the cell, so it sends it again.

When sending a message via email, this probably happens in reverse, the tower sends the message to the cell, but the verification signal doesn't reach back to the tower due to whatever reason, and so it gets sent until the verification is received.
Hello I'm looking for the text addres for Cable & Wirless antigua and Dominica does anyone know them. 1234567890@what goes here.ag
Please reply to cjl@candw.ag if you can help.
Thanks much.
It doesn't work anymore
teleflip does not seem to exist any more
sendsmsnow accepted my message to be sent, but it seems to take a long time

so again:

you get what you pay for (or, free means they can be gone soon)

my site is here if you want to answer me back (use the contact form), or this one, one of both will work to answer me back, I am not reading this here regularly.

... still no sms back from 'sendsmsnow', well, when 'now'?
I have pictures that I took with my camera phone and want to send them to my new phone, but as regular pictures, not media. Is this possible?
Thx Dylan for this info. 'Previous barriers of the communication will be broken in the Aquarian Age.'
I use Yahoo Mail and would like to know how to send a text to a user usering tmail.com
Cricket is number then

It is not mms. Although I am having trouble with hotmail or mobile.live.com since I am not receiving any pin code on my cricket phone.... Anyone else having this problem?
just tried it and it does not seem to work. Most likely because it was sent to a straight talk walmart phone. They seem block out many things from working.


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