What is SMS?

Most digital cell phones have the ability to send and receive short text messages. This is usually called short message service (SMS) or text paging.

With SMS, you enter a message using your cell phone's keypad. You're generally limited to very short messages -- 160 characters, tops -- but that's not usually a problem because it's pretty time-consuming to "type" on a keypad anyway!

Once you've finished your message, you can send to to anyone else's cell phone by entering their phone number. Off the message goes, and in a few seconds to a few minutes, your friend's phone will beep and the message will appear on their screen.

You might be wondering why anyone would bother typing out messages laboriously on their phone's keypad when they could just pick up the phone and talk. There are lots of reasons!

Wow, awesome site Dylan! I was clueless to how all the texting worked till now. Thanks. I will be back looking for any updates. Keep up the great work!
Just wondering can you send pics to phones from your email?
What causes my Nextel to switch from SMS to regular text msg from the same sender? SMS does not allow you to reply to the sender, can SMS be turned off?
I’m going crazy trying to send a picture from my email address to a version cell phone, please help
i me a best

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